If you would like a costing for your next celebration, fill in and submit the form below.

Some useful information about our costing:

  • The tables look much nicer with a variety of desserts so we encourage you to tick a minimum of 6 choices (but 10 or more is really best)

Price is mainly based on your selection of desserts and number of guests and has very little to do with the variety. ( ex: 20 chocolate mousses, 20 tiramisus and 20 cheesecakes will cost the same as 60 chocolate mousses)

  • Our packages are flexible and can be customised to fit your budget. The quotation you will receive is based on an average of 3-4 serves per guest (remember these are small portions). 

We can help you to reduce the price by suggesting you substitute some of your more costly choices for more affordable ones or choose to display less than 4 choices per guest.

  • Expect your table to cost on average between $350 and $600





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